Open source license
  • gyehudagyehuda February 2012

    What is the OpenSource license under which I can use xJSFl?

    Your blog post indicates the license is GPL, but you might change it to the BSD license.  There is a file in the project that contains the LGPL license.  Which do you plan on using?   Note:  I'd much prefer that you pick one and stick with it, instead of changing the license.  Also, since this is code is delivered from servers to other machines (my viewers), having a copyleft license will probably mean that I will be unable to use this code.  So I hope you select a permissive license such as the BSD license (or MIT or Apache license) so that I can use this code in a public facing application.

    Please let us know your decision by putting a license text in the root of and/or the README and/or the header of the source code files.


    Gil Yehuda

  • DaveDave February 2012

    Hey Gil,

    Am back from travels and working hard on getting everything ironed out for an RC release shortly. Part of that will be a permissive open-source license.

    Hang tight!


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