• HughCHughC March 2012


    just wondering what the dll file in  the core install is used for? Couldn't see it documented, but note that it's copied to:

    \AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS5\en_US\Configuration\External Libraries

    on install.

    Seems like  my flex panel <> jsfl comms are working correctly now in Beta 2 - nice one!



  • DaveDave March 2012

    Hi Hugh,

    Yup, the dll is basically what allows xJSFL to remain persistent, and global to all scopes. If it wasn't for the dll, there would be no xJSFL!

    Great to see you're getting some milage out of it. Feel free to email me with details, as I'm interested to see how people are using the framework, and how I can make it more general / flexible at the same time.



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