• melslenoblemelslenoble April 2012


    I installed xJSFL. All worked fine (in Flash),  but i want to remove it and reinstall it in from a different location (folder). Removing it with the xJSFL command gave me an error (without any text). So i removed it manualy and tried to reinstall it. Somehow the snippets window has the wrong (old) links in it. So i removed and reinstalled it again. Didn't work. 


    How do i remove all ? Or how do i reinstall ? I use windows 7 & Flash CS4.  


    Thanks for any tips

  • DaveDave April 2012


    Are you on the Beta 2 branch? That should have all the installaton issues fixed:

    Any more issues, come back and let me know.. Unfortunately, I'm having to tend to client work this week, so I can't be as proactive about getting this release finalised as I would like. Curses!


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