appending as3
  • sstarksstark September 2012


    I am looking for a user-friendly way to append as3 code into a timeline. I have it working ( see below ), but it's not elegant.

    In english:

    • select first layer on stage root timeline.
    • test if the name is "ACTIONS", if not make it.
    • clear all as code in the clip
    • write new code into the clip
    if( timeline.getLayerProperty("name") != "ACTIONS" ){
    var trgt = timeline.layers[0].frames[0];
    trgt.actionScript = "";
    trgt.actionScript +='\n // ADD as3 Code line by line';



  • DaveDave September 2012

    Well, it's JSFl. Sometimes it needs to be written longhand!

    My plan was to create Selectors for timelines and frames as well, and I may do that at some point, but elements and items were the most important.

    In the interim, this is probably simpler:

    if($timeline.layers[0].name !== 'ACTIONS')
    $timeline.layers[0].frames[0].actionScript = '//some\n//actionscript\n//ok?';

    You could also load a script from a folder if you want to make the multiline thing easier:

    $timeline.layers[0].frames[0].actionScript = new File('test.jsfl').contents;

    Or, you could embed your script as inline XML:

    $timeline.layers[0].frames[0].actionScript = <xml><![CDATA[// variables
    var test:Boolean = true;

    // test code
    trace('It worked!');

    Re: the formatting, you just need to paste the code to and from notepad first, so the rich formatting is removed :)

  • sstarksstark September 2012

    that's a good idea about bringing in an external file. Will do that. cheers.

  • DaveDave September 2012

    If you want full control over the inserted text, check out the Template class. It makes it super-easy to combine text and values without the usual clumsy string concatenation!


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