expandFolder not working
  • RytisRytis June 2012


    I tried to use #reveal() method in ItemsCollection but it didn't work (function #exapandFolder() executes and returns "true" but folder is still collapsed). I have found in forums that library.expandFolder doesn't work at all on CS versions >3. Does it work for you?


  • DaveDave June 2012

    Hey Rytis,

    I have a feint memory of something being up with expandFolder, and line 252 of ItemCollection confirms it!

    //TODO double check that expandFolder IS actually buggy

    BUT... I know that at one point this was working great. Not only did the folders expand, but the window scrolled the items into view.

    I'll have a little look-see in the next 24 hours and see what I can turn up :)

  • DaveDave June 2012

    Hmm... works for me in "example assets.fla" on CS4:

    [object ItemCollection length=5]: Array (depth:1, objects:0, values:5, time:0.0 seconds)
    array => Array
    0: "2 - elements/gfx/icon new gfx"
    1: "2 - elements/shapes/triangle"
    2: "2 - elements/shapes/star"
    3: "2 - elements/shapes/circle"
    4: "2 - elements/shapes/square"

    Reveals the elements and lists them to make sure.

    Do you want to send me a sample file?

  • andy_oneandy_one December 2012

    I confirm this bug. On CS6 expandFolder doesn't work. 

  • DaveDave December 2012

    Weirdly, it will work on some installations / sessions, but not on others. I'll bring this up with the team for the CS7 release.

  • andy_oneandy_one December 2012

    I think it's may be specifiŅ bug for some os/arch (I use Win7 x64). It would be interesting to know what operating system uses Rytis.

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